10 Guest Blogging mistakes every blogger should avoid

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Guest blogging is one of the most powerful way building high quality backlinks for your blog, if used properly. However, as a bloggers tend to make several guest blogging mistakes, while writing a blog, which you can avoid and and increase your chances of guest blogging success! Guest blogging will help your blog with organic traffic generation.

Guest Blogging

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You might have come across “guest blogging”. The word which is often described by various bloggers as a very strong and powerful tool to create a backlink.

Relax, if you are not aware of what guest blogging is all about.

What is Guest Blogging ?

Guest blogging is a commonly used strategy by bloggers, where bloggers contribute posts on other bloggers’ blog. Guest blogging can be done in two ways

  • You write a blog post on another blogger’s blog
  • Another blogger writes a post for your blog

Why should you write guest blog posts ?

By writing a guest post, published on other blogs gives you a new identity among other bloggers and audience related to that particular niche. Also, every good blog post adds to your and your blog’s brand value.

guest blogging mistakes

Guest Blogging Mistakes

Top 10 Guest blogging mistakes you should avoid to succeed in blogging

1.Guest blogging without any Strategy
This the first and the biggest mistake bloggers do. You should have a strategy that supports your goals , like is your guest post written to target new audience ? Or the guest post is written to improve your ranking, in such cases a particular keyword must be targeted.

2.Pitching the busiest blog
Another common mistake bloggers do. Asking for a guest post on a busy blog is highly competitive task. Everybody wants to be featured on a busy blog, as the blog will give you a lot of exposure, but you will only be allowed to give a chance to write a blog post only if you have a good name in the industry or you have once in a lifetime experience. So, stop wasting your time and instead focus on to creating your name in the industry.

3.Targeting the Wrong Blogs
According to your strategy , you should select the blog, you will be publishing your blog post to. If you are looking to attract traffic to your blog, make sure you select a blog that would send traffic to your blog. If you are looking to gain, search engine rankings, remember to write on a blog that will help you gain ranking.

4.Grammatical/Spelling Errors in Pitches
The blog has already made a name for itself in the industry, so you must pitch to the webmaster in such a way as your pitch is not neglected. One such way is to avoid, spelling and grammatical mistakes.

5.Not Adhering to Guest Blogging Guidelines
Each and every blogger, who allows guest blogging, has a pre-defined guest blogging guidelines. Since, you are writing a guest post on someone’s blog, you must follow the guidelines set by the blog owner and follow it. Failing to follow the guidelines may result in your blog being not published and it may have a strong impact on your strategy.( Read Blogginguru.com’s Guest blogging guidelines.)

6.Not Writing for the Blog’s Audience
One of the most common mistake guest bloggers do is, their blog post is targeted towards promoting their own blog instead, write the blog according to the expectations of the audience . If your blog is written for the audience, then only the audience will be attracted to your blog, only if they like your blog post.

7. Providing Low Quality Posts
Most novice bloggers, contribute low quality blog posts when they are guest posting, a mistake that might cause irreparable damage to their reputation as a blogger. Make sure the guest post you are contributing must be of high quality, unique in-order to boost your online reputation as blogger.(Read Tips to write quality content)

8. Including Zero/Bad/Too Many Inbound Links
Guest blogging is great marketing tool, and one of the most effective way to off page seo. Zero links will do no good, as your efforts won’t get recognized.As far as off-page seo is concerned, search engines always require natural links. Search engines will consider bad/too many links will be regarded as spam and will hamper your sites seriously. (Read Types of SEO)

9.Suggesting Topics That Have Already Been Covered
Covering previously published topic will not attract the audience. Instead focus on a new topic and share valuable information with the audience. This will not only increase your reputation but will also attract the audience to your blog.

10.Failing to connect to with blog audience
Use comments to stay in touch with audience even after your blog post has been published. The more you interact with the audience, more they learn from you, the more they follow you and your blog.

So, Guest bloggers, avoid these guest blogging mistakes and make the most of guest blogging.

Happy Blogging :)

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