Best Tips and Tools For Getting A Perfect Domain Name

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Domain name registration is the most essential and an important step behind every successful blog. Like any other product, you have to think of a domain name as your website brand. A blog really has to suffer hard if you fail to choose a right domain name. Your blog can also be underestimated by the readers just by seeing your domain name. Therefore, I’m here to tell you that you should seriously pick up a right domain name that can help you building up a successful blog. Below I’ve listed down some of the best tips as well as tools which will help you in registering a perfect domain name for your blog.

So, let’s get started.

What things should we consider before registering a domain name ?

Well, picking up a good domain name is not that easy. You have to think about every aspect before registering a domain name for your blog. In this post, I’ve discussed a simple metric which will guide you evaluating the domain registration process and will help you to pick up the best domain name easily.

1. Keywords

Keywords are an essential element of a domain name. If you’ll look online for your favorite websites then you will find that they all have included their website niche keyword in their domain name. Good keywords domain names not only helps you in driving readers to your blog but also helps you improving your website search engine optimization. But there’s a little problem.

Picking up a good domain name is not that easy to find these days. You have to spend hours searching for a good domain name. Sometimes it even takes 2-3 weeks to get a good domain name. But no need to worry. As you all know that new niche markets are coming up these days, therefore, possibilities of keywords are also increasing, so think, use your creativity, do good research and get a good keyword rich domain name.

Note – Before adding any keyword to your website domain name make sure that it easily relates to your website niche.

2. Branding

You should also think about your branding. Sometimes it happens that we forget to think about our audiences and users in the quest for adding keywords. You should make sure that your domain name can be easily memorized. For this, you should try to avoid complicated words. If your domain can be easily read by your readers then they’ll be surely visiting your website again and again. On the other hand, if you’ll use complicated words in your domain name then readers will soon forget your website.

Let’s take an example. Undoubtedly, Google is the best search engine which answers all your queries. This domain name has nothing to do with the search engine but you can easily memorize it. As users can easily memorize it, they will be visiting this domain name again and again and now the time has come when this domain is dominating the web. So, Always remember about branding before picking up a domain name.

3. Domain Length

The shorter your domain, the easier it can be memorized by readers. But that’s not the only factor which is important for buying a domain name. No one will be visiting your blog if you will buy a domain name like The reason is quite simply, this domain name doesn’t relate to your website niche. You can also use hyphens in your domain name, but I will suggest you stay away from those because it will increase your domain length and decrease its value. Not only this but you should also try to make your domain name simple as possible. Domain name like can easily confuse your readers.

4. Domain Name Extension

We all know that 80% of the total website owners prefers to buy a .com domain name extension. But this doesn’t means that you have to register a .com extension. You have other options too. There’s no need to limit yourself, select a domain name extension which suits to your website. If your website is related to tech niche then getting a .tech domain name extension won’t harm you.

Best Domain Registrars

If you will search online then you will going to find hundreds of domain registrars for registering your chosen domain name but are they all trusted ?

You should better know that many of those domain registrars are scams, these domain registrars disappears after 3-4 months leaving yours in the middle. Therefore, I have listed down some of the best domain registrars which are fully trusted and earned a good reputation in the market.

1. GoDaddy – One of the most famous and widely used domain registrar online. You can easily register your domain name without facing any issues.

2. Namecheap – Next in the list we have another industry giant which can be fully trusted. They provide great offers and services to all of their users.

3. Dotster –
It is one of the most trusted domain registrars in the industry. They also run many cool offers for their customers. They have really good customer support which will help you registering your domain name and other such related problems.

4. DomainSite
– With their great support and featured services you can buy your favorite domain name from this domain registrar.

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Tools for registering a domain name

There are lots of online tools available which helps you to register a domain name. But as there are so many tools available online it gets very difficult to select the best one out. I want to tell you that many of those tools have really good performance while on the other hand there are tools which are completely useless. Below I’ve mentioned some of the most important and widely used trusted tools which will be going to help you out in picking up a good domain name.

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1. Nameboy

Many bloggers and website owners recommend Nameboy for getting cool domain names idea. You simply have to type your primary as well as secondary keywords relevant to your website niche and then based on your inputs this domain name generator tool will be suggesting you some of the best domain names for your website.

2. Domains.Bot

Domains.Bot is basically a search engine for domain names with many great features. You can easily customize and filter your search results. You can filter your domain name suggestions on the basis of their lengths or other choices. In all, a good domain name suggestion tool used by many bloggers and webmasters.

3. Dot-o-mator

Similar to the above-mentioned tools, Dot-o-mator also suggests you domain names based on your suffixes and prefixes ( Keywords ) that you have entered. It is a very simple and an amazing domain name suggestion tool for getting creative names for your website/blog.


As I have already told you that domain worth depends on the character length. This amazing domain name suggestion tool helps you getting some best domain name suggestions which can be easily memorized by any user. Overall, a good domain name suggestion tool.

Conclusion – Final Words

So these were some of the most important tips and tools which you should always keep in mind before registering any domain name for your website. Domain name is an essential element of a website and also plays a vital role in its success. Therefore, you should choose your domain name very carefully.

That’s all with this article. If you want to ask questions after reading the above article or want to give your valuable feedback then feel free to put your valuable comments in the comment section below… :)

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