Blogging tips to ensure quality and useful blog

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Many bloggers are starting their blogs, but many few of them taste the success. Many bloggers quit blogging with in first six months of the launch of the blog, because they fail to write consistently quality blog post, have bad blogging habits and fail to keep themselves motivated. Increasing traffic, readership and blogging income are the best motivation that would keep you interested in writing blog. If making money is the main reason behind your blog, then failing to earn money will eventually make you quit the blog.

No blogger would like to quit his blog, but lack of results will force him to take the harsh step. So, what are the important attributes your blog must have to establish quality and would be useful for visitors.Let us look for these essential features and improve your blog’s performance and results.


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Adding Quality and Value to your blog

Do what you like, like what you do

If you are blogging in the niche,which you are passionate about and have interest, you could easily keep on your self motivated. However, if you are blogging for monetary benefits, keeping your self motivated for the time period where you are not earning, is highly frustration. However, I personally think, You should have the right reason to stick to Blogging. Make your blog having high content and which is highly useful for the readers. If your blog is useful, readers will themselves subscribe your blog or keep on revisiting your blog again and again to improve their knowledge and seeking for new blog posts. A blog that adds no additional value will be just another blog in the world of internet, for which no one would even care of.

Writing Valuable Content

Before writing any blog post, research the requirements of the readers and write a blogpost accordingly. Key points that will be helpful in writing quality contents are

Key Points:

  • Motivation
  • Information about the blog, so that Content value can be achieved
  • Writing and presentation skills

Linking Quality Blogging Content / Content Curation

Good bloggers always share their experiences,ideas and their learnings on their blog. Never hesitate to share good content from other bloggers.It not only helps you in getting more visitors, but also help people who can judge your blog & content in a better way. Content curation if used properly will help improve quality of your blog drastically.

Key Points:

  • Link to original content
  • Link to valuable content

Content Consistency & Posting

Make sure you pick the right niche for your blog, and stick to that niche as the main topic of your blog.Don’t post random topic for the sake of it.Publishing a content suitable to the topic, it is covering, maintains a higher quality value for any website.

Key Points:

  • Frequent publishing of topics
  • Cross check your post before publishing and avoid spelling mistakes
  • Do not publish in hurry
  • Scan the content after publishing

Winning readers trust

Go with those topics, articles, issues, etc. providing more information, that readers want. Google want aspects are eminent from the reader’s point of view in the niche you are considering & provide consistent matter on that regularly.

Never compromise with the content information richness & simplicity of presenting that content.
Key Points:

  • Add diversity in your blog content
  • Diversity means covering all the areas of the blogging niche
  • Provide/Share links of useful tools for free, because people love free content.


Taking feedback, yes it’s the key to knowing how your website content is viewed & judged by the readers. Comments on the topics & post help you gain their views, what they want, what they liked & what are the weak points. It’s a great help indeed to rectify your mistakes & not to do them again.

Key Points:

  • Think that readers have to judge your posts
  • Always ask for feedback & comments
  • Work on their feedbacks & suggestions
  • Interact with other bloggers
  • Feel free to say your views on different blogs


Compelling content will be your key for getting traffic and good SERP. Always write quality stuff for your visitors. You have created a website for your customers and visitors, so keep notes of their likes dislikes with latest trends.

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Always try to write unique content because duplicate content affects ranking of your site, and it is also possible that one day you may not find your site in SERPs. Content is one of the important and quite effective factors that help you to get high-ranking.

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