Common blogging mistakes behind poor growth of your blog

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Lack of growth is main reason behind failure of blog. Growth of your blog can be analyzed through various ways, increase in traffic or revenue is one the best parameter. However, certain common blogging mistakes prohibit growth of your blog, resulting into frustration and resulting into lack of result in writing , before your blog comes to a standstill.

Common blogging mistakes blogger make

In this blog post we will be covering most common issues because of which your blog is not growing. Read the following blog posts, take appropriate action incase your blog has been effected with the same and see amazing results and grow your blog.

Overuse of ads :

Earning money, is the main reason most of the blogs exits online. Many bloggers do post quality content on their blog and successfully in driving organic traffic towards their blog as well. So these bloggers, are doing everything to get high quality traffic yet the growth of the blog has come to standstill ? The main reason behind this is over-use of advertisements on the blog.

According to traffic reports shared by noted blogger Harsh Agrawal,22.3% of his visitors were returning visitors as per January 2016 stats, so that makes one out of every five user on your blog is the potential visitor to your site again and again. Always remember, once a returning visitor will always be a returning visitor to your blog.

no growth no gloryHaving too many advertisements on your blog, you are letting go that chunk of 20% of the returning visitor on your site. You can be smart and have few ads on your blog at positions where lot of clicks can expected based on user activity, so that you can boost your revenue along with viewership. Read(Effective ad placement tips)

Linking with a spammy site :

Link Building is a key off page SEO feature. Since link building is an important criteria, many bloggers prefer building high number of links rather than building quality links. Search engines often prefer quality over quantity, so having quality content but with spammy links results to lower ranking in search engines.

Many good ranked blogs, often rent our links for other sites in exchange of few bucks, however, search engines do keep a track of the outbound links as well, just like inbound links as well. Having spammy outbound link will surely mark your site as spam, resulting into poor ranking or de-indexing of your site.

Tip: Please give atleast 4 weeks after your have made changes in your link building plan, to see the actual result.

Poor Content:

In terms of blogging, content is often referred as key. You have might observed, many bloggers describing “Content as the Key.” The phrase says it all and all these bloggers often describe this based on their own experience. A successful blogger often gives importance to quality content.

This quality content refers to content that please the visitor and not a content that os written in order to please SEO to achieve high search engine rankings.
Read( How to write quality content)

Poor design :

Appearance is key in terms of retaining visitors to your blog. Poor and creepy design instead of attracting visitors, it will be retracting the visitors from your blog. You can easily upgrade the theme of your side, and see the results easily. So, just spend some extra money to get a better looking theme for your blog. uses Premium StudioPress Themes for WordPress

Low frequency of post :

Both search engines and visitors love new content. However bloggers often expect immediate results, and tend to get distracted from their blog , loose their focus and stop updating the blog posts. This in turn will lead to lack of interest from returning visitor to your blog. A returning visitor always visits your blog in search of new information.

No feedback on the comments :

Blog comments is the most neglected part of blogging. New bloggers often get in touch with the blog owners/admins through blog commenting . Blog commenting acts a powerful tool to communicate with your blogs.So keep communicating with the audience .

Blog comments, often give insight to the expectations of the visitor.So that, will also help to write the content as per the expectations of your audience.


Most successful bloggers, avoid these bad blogging habits. As a blogger, have you been caught with any one of the above described bad habit, just break of the bad habit see the results and grow your blog.

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