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About a year agoI was looking for good,reliable and cheap webhosting, which accepts payments in Indian Rupees.While searching across various plans on the web, I came across

GlobeHost Review

Also their hosting services are also quite good, they have active support, polite people and cheap and reliable pricing. They also have a few discount coupon to help you to get some extra bucks off. They provide CPanel, and their dashboard is also pretty good. Infact their customer care, and Call Center support even is much better than GoDaddy and big rock, and no hidden or burden extra tax everytime, I Swear.

Their domains pricing are also pretty low, and recurring deposit is pretty much same.

I would recommend you to give GlobeHost a try, I am sharing because I am highly impressed.

Benefits of  Globehost Review 

  • Globehost is so cheapest affordable cost!
  • 99.99 uptime servers
  • Available auto update apps one install
  • Available weebly on drag and drop
  • Available more 100 apps eg- wordpress, joomla, Presta, etc…
  • Support help 24/7
  • Support Indian debit card and credit card and local bank.


  • If your website has more 1000 to 1500 visitors per day then your website will become slow speed due to high entry process! You can upgrade cloud hosting plans from then fine speed! If below 1500 per day then no need upgrade and only shared Web hosting from globehost reviews

How to select best Globehost Plan ?

If simple landing page only in your website from then you should buy “BASIC PLAN “ or ” STANDARD PLAN”

If you just want post blog in blogger in your website then you should buy “STANDARD PLAN ”

if you completed 100 to 200 blogs and more 200 blogs then “STANDARD PLAN ” replaced to ” ADVANCED PLAN” or ”  CORPORATE PLAN” ! if very difficult update then you ask customer for change plan

If you just want to upload products, image and videos in your website and you should buy “UNLIMITED PLAN ”

If you just want large organisation or business investment website and buy better ” COMBO PLAN with SSL” is a good cheap Web hosting in India! Most of Globehost Reviews are positives ones!

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