Proven tips that will definitely skyrocket your google adsense earnings

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Explore ways that we can use to increase google adsense earnings, the program that is used by more than half of the bloggers across the world.(Read: What is Google Adsense ? )

Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Since, traffic is key towards Adsense earnings,major part of your Google Adsense earnings depends on the way your plan ads on your site.

Ad format selection and the placement of the ad,plays a very significant yet critical role in way you make revenue out of Adsense. Additionally, care must be taken to follow Google Adsense’s strict Terms of Service and never force your visitors for click on your ads.

Use of Best performing Ad Sizes:

Advert sizes is the simple yet important factor that decides between low and high CTR.Recalling from our
Effective Ad Placement post,

The clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions, page views, or queries you received.

CTR = ( Clicks / # of impressions, views, or queries) * 100%

For example, if you received 7 clicks out of 1000 page views, your page CTR would be 0.7%.

Most Effective Adsense Ad formats are

  • 336 * 280 : Large Rectangle
  • 300*250
  • 728*90
  • 160*600

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Display relevant Adsense ads:

Google Adsense is a contextual advertising network,which displays relevant ads based on the web content on your website. Ads shown are highly related to the context of the article.

Google Adsense also has a guide for implementing Adsense Section Targeting.

Adsense ads between posts

Smartly configuring ads,by matching with your page background and colors, and add 468*60 image ads or text link ads in between posts. AdSense policies clearly states to have enough space between ads & content, make sure you do not violate this policy,

Placement Targeting

This is one idea which many bloggers are not implementing. When you create a channel, you have the option to add more details about your ad types, and then put your ad up for auction in the market by opting for placement targeting. This increases the competition, and the ad value on your site goes up. You must enable this manually for every custom channel. To enable placement targeting on your existing custom channel, log in to your Adsense account > My ads > Custom > Custom Channels. Next, click on one of the names and a screen will pop up. Simply add the details and put a checkmark at placement targeting.


f your only source of income is Google Adsense revenue, then perhaps these tips will be helpful to you. It is important to test various things and see what works the best for you. For example, you can play with link colors and see which link color combination is generating maximum CTR, etc.

Feel free to share a tip which has worked well for you and has helped you to increase your Adsense revenue.
Conclusion: Google Adsense Earnings vary from each webmaster to other depending on the origin of traffic, geographic location of the traffic, website content on the site, ad placement. Make changes as above you will definitely find a significant rise in your Google Adsense earnings.

Think, we have missed something ? Please feel free to share your thoughts via comments below.

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