Tips to write quality SEO friendly blog

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Search engine is a great source of high quality organic traffic. Your content must “earn” traffic . To earn  traffic, the blog post must have quality content. However, keep in mind always write your content for your audience and not for search engines.

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In this blog post let us discuss on few topics that will help you write SEO friendly content.

Tips to write SEO friendly blog :

Writing SEO friendly content is no rocket-science. Instead, few

1. Write Useful And Engaging Content The formula of success is writing useful and/or entertaining content. Also make sure you write relevant content on your site. Search engines love sites that share relevant content on their site and handsomely rewards such sites as well. Remember, quantity never beats quality, so instead of increasing number of posts on your site, make sure you increase the quality of the posts and no the count

2. Keep It Short And To The Point Try to keep the content short and sweet. Longer articles can be boring. Moreover, consider the time your reader is going to visit. In my opinion, any article that will take about 5-10 minutes will get you lot of people sharing. Also, try to break up your content in small paragraphs for easy reading.

3. Proofread your pages This is must for any writer. Proof read your articles multiple times, before publishing. Annoying users with wrongly spelled words and poor grammar is very embarrassing.

4. Make Your Content Easily Shareable If you have written a killer article and published it. The article must be shareable. Make sure you have social share buttons on your website. Search Engines tend to give rewards for sites that are shared over social media. Also, Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

5. SEO Friendly Should Not be Bad Writing

As I said above, you should never sacrifice good writing for SEO. Most of the best ranked articles on nearly any topic you can name (Wikipedia notwithstanding) are written for customers first and SEO is at best a second or third thought.

Conclusion: Keep these tips in mind and write seo friendly blog posts and improve your blog visibility for search engines.

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